19-26 Mack 19-26

Adopted by:
Grace & Gavin

Mack is 11 years old now.  He came into GRRIN last summer.  Mack had been alone a lot in his previous home, so he was not able to get out and exercise like he should have been.  He was around 110#, and with exercise and play, he has lost some weight.  That was a major goal for this boy.  He is getting around much better now and can actually climb stairs quite well!  Good for you, Mack!!

Mack found his furever family in January, but he needed some surgery before he was adopted.  He had multiple lipomas removed, 2 growths from his mouth and a tooth pulled, and 2 eyelid growths all removed at one time.  Wow!  That’s a lot of things taken off of him.  He did excellent with his recovery and was adopted into his furever home with Grace and Gavin and their small resident dog.  He has settled in nicely!

Thanks to GRRIN for taking such good care of him and making him more comfortable.  He is a very sweet boy!