19-30 Harlow 19-30

Adopted by:
Lisa & Kim

Sometimes things are just meant to be! My first mom is such a great Mom and I love her so, she will always be my Mom but she had to work a lot and she felt so bad that I was alone all day for long days. So she called Golden Retriever Rescue of Nebraska and told them my story. She was so great to me, so unselfish and she put ME first. I did not realize that at the time, but as soon as I got to my new home I realized things were going to be ok and then after a few days realized Mom was right. I have a big backyard and a new older brother and two people that love me dearly. I normally get two walks a day and play fetch with my new ball several times a day. Life is great! I hear my new family talk about another Golden “Sadie”, they call me her “soul sister”, sounds like they loved her a lot but she passed of cancer last May. So, what I meant about things being “meant to be” seems like me being with my new family was “meant to be”. I am happy, and loved, and now my first Mom no longer has to feel bad that she is working long days. Thanks GRRIN!