19-31 Shadow 19-31

Adopted by:
John & Patty

Hi, Friends!! I just came in from the yard after running down to the fence to greet some walkers and running up to the other side to see my neighbor dog buddy. I dropped the ball so my people would throw it and I could run out to fetch it…again. Running and long walks are very fun for me now, because I can do it with no pain! I had a great home before coming to GRRIN, but my owner was facing a job change and extended time out of town when I would need a big surgery and a long rehab time. She talked to GRRIN, and I came to live with Patty and John. I had an ortho surgery in October at Iowa State’s Vet. School, and 8 weeks of leashed time in and out of the house to restrict my activity while recovering. Every week I got to do a little more movement while my back knee healed. The best Christmas presents were to learn my knee was healed, I could gradually start running, and I would stay with John and Patty forever. I also learned some other people donated money to help cover the cost of my surgery! Many thanks to them and all the people at GRRIN for the care and support.

Did somebody say “walk?”