20-02 Rocky 20-02

Adopted by:
Stan & Amy
We have great news – Rocky was adopted! Stay tuned for his furever story!
Hi there, I am Rocky.  I am learning to be the best boy ever.  My favorite things to do are play ball, hide my toys so I can bark at them and give kisses! I am still a puppy so I am learning so many new things. I am a little goofy and sometimes a little clumsy.  My foster parents said I am doing great with house training and I haven’t had any accidents so I am pretty sure I have that one down.  I like to sleep in my crate most nights and I do well in it during the day. I have learned to sit, stay, come and shake.  I am also learning what things I am allowed to chew on and sometimes I mix up my toys with shoes for humans.  I love to go for rides in the car, go on walks, and did I mention I LOVE to play ball? I could do that for hours and I always bring it back and gently drop it so it can be thrown again.  I am a very affectionate boy and very playful. I love kids and I am very gentle with them. I am selective about new dogs I meet, but once I decide they are friendly, I like to play with them too. I have a lot of energy, so the family that is right for me is very active and has time to keep working with me on all of the things I can do to be the best boy ever.