20-06 Maizy 20-06

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Maizy just turned 8 years old and still as sweet as ever! When I first saw Maizy’s picture and read her story, I knew Maizy would be a good fit for our family. My girlfriend and I have one other dog named Buttercup, a lab/husky mix around the same age as Maizy. I knew in a way they would be ‘okay’ with each other until they built up their comfortability with each other.

On day 1 and 2, Maizy was very hesitant in moving from two spots in the house. We couldn’t even get her to eat. We tried a few things, including moving her bowl of food around to spots close to her, but it wouldn’t take. Then on day 3, we heard Maizy’s loud munching of food. That was a win for us. The next big win was when she started to wag her tail when we either came home or got her excited to go out.

Maizy is a very unique, sweet dog. When you first meet her, you know she will be the sweetest and will happily show that smile off. She loves the pets and scratches and will always lift her head wondering why you stopped scratching in the first place. She at times will never leave your side and will always take a good tasting treat.

With that said, Maizy still has a long ways to go. For every time we take a step forward, it seems like things revert for Maizy. She is still very shy and hesitant; getting her motivated to leave her favorite spot can be very difficult. Taking her out for a walk literally takes a lift of encouragement, but I only have to pick her up to get her through the door.

Taking care of Maizy has been fun and rewarding, but it is a very challenging experience. We realized that it’s going to be a long haul to have Maizy trust and love us back over time, and it’s what we prepared for. We wouldn’t change a single thing about the experience so far. Maizy is a part of our family and always loved.