20-08 Daisy 20-08

Adopted by:
Denise & Jim

I am a very lucky girl. I’ve had two families who loved me and helped me become who I am today. Since I was a puppy, I lived with the only family I can remember. I learned many skills to succeed from them and being a smart girl, picked up on things very quickly. I had a good German Shepherd friend but sadly, he got old and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. After my friend left, two new dogs came to my home and I had a hard time getting along with them. Though it broke my family’s heart, they knew the best thing was for me to find a new home. The great people at GRRIN came to the rescue. I heard my family on the phone sharing lots of information about me with my new GRRIN family. They found me a foster home with no other dogs, which is what I needed at that moment due to getting grouchy with other dogs. After a checkup with the vet, I moved on to my foster family. I turned on the charm and they instantly fell in love with me! Not to brag, but they were very impressed with my manners. My family had taught me so much. I don’t bolt out open doors, I don’t jump up on people, and I don’t counter surf, which isn’t even in my vocabulary. These were all things my foster family had experienced with their last Golden so those were some of the things they loved about me. I do jump straight up on all fours and my foster mom thinks I’m so cute when I turn in circles and whimper with excitement when someone comes home or just upstairs! She says I’m her velcro dog. Oh and I really made brownie points when I waited at the door until they told me it was okay to follow them in the door! I absolutely love to play ball and my foster family’s grandchildren are more than happy to throw it for me. We get along great! Everyone was happy when my foster parents, Denise and Jim, decided to adopt me! One of them is home most of the time and I stay right next to them. I don’t just lay around all day. There has been some work also. I have made progress with walking on leash, and I am working on not being so grouchy with their dogs. All in all, this has been a wonderful journey.