21-06 Ellie 21-06

Adopted by:
Wendy & Terry

Hello, Ellie here. I am 2 years old and I just got adopted into my forever home with Wendy and Terri. They have a huge backyard and I spend a lot of my time zooming around back there. I have my favorite spot on the hill where I can sit and watch everything that goes on in my new domain. I’m pretty much the boss back there and the squirrels and rabbits know better than to invade my space when I’m on watch. I am also getting lots of walks where I see other dogs and people. I get very excited and try to go meet them, but my family are still letting me know what proper manners are all about. I think I’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. I get lots of treats when manners are being taught, so I’m learning fast. I have my own bed and get to sleep on my person’s bed when they are in it, although I am told I can be a bed hog. I am so excited with my new life, I know lots of good things are going to continue to happen for me. Thanks, GRRIN!