21-09 Betsy 21-09

Adopted by:
Jeff and Sarah

Betsy’s forever family started fostering her and her brother, Charlie 21-10, at the end of July 2021. They were two of four VERY special Goldendoodle puppies who came into GRRIN rescue. This quartet (which includes Millie 21-11 and Frank 21-12) has had an amazing journey after being surrendered to GRRIN at a very young age when it was discovered they were blind from birth. It was clear almost from the beginning these pups were destined and determined to be normal, active, loving, and well-adjusted dogs who needed a bit of extra training and attention.

At first, Betsy seemed a little sad without Charlie (but he also landed in a fantastic forever home!!), but the foster owners – now FOREVER family – have two resident dogs who took Betsy into their pack. So, they adopted her! Now it seems like Betsy has always been with them and they can’t imagine their life without her. She is a quirky, loveable dog who enjoys ice cubes from the ice dispenser, chewy bones, and wrestling with the family’s other dogs. The kids love to snuggle with Betsy whenever they can, and she walks the older kids to and from school every day. She loves all the kids and has quite the fan club. Betsy loves to follow her kids and fur siblings around the house to keep tabs on them. Everyone is incredibly grateful to GRRIN for all of their help with Betsy.