21-12 Frank 21-12

Adopted by:
Austin & Emilee

Hi, I am Franklin (Frank), and I am one of the four blind goldendoodle puppies who were surrendered to GRRIN. My dad knew that mommy’s dream dog had always been a golden doodle (mommy always wanted to therapy train a goldendoodle, so she could take it to school with her each day). My dad also knew that if he told mommy about me, a goldendoodle who was born blind, that she would never be able to say no to me. My mommy is a special education teacher, so adopting a dog with special needs holds such a special place in her heart. After a few months in my awesome foster home with the best foster parents, dad and mom finally got to rescue/adopt me, and on Friday, August 13th, I officially found my forever home.

I have loved getting to know my big sister (now little sister as I have grown so much). My sister, Athena, has been a great helper in helping me navigate any new places I go to, and helps me avoid running into the fences. I love to take long runs with my dad, who has trained me very well to stay on his “side,” so he can guide me and run me safely, and I love snuggles and naps with my mommy. A few of my favorite things include ANYTHING FOOD, wrestling with my sister, new toys, and sliding headfirst into the refrigerator when I hear the ice machine, ice cubes are my favorite. Mom and dad say I have the cutest underbite and it is what makes me “Frank”. My sister and I have many fur cousins that we get to have sleepovers with – it is fun to play wrestle mania and tug-of-war with them. Daddy and Mommy say they are beyond grateful for GRRIN and my foster mom for giving them the best addition to the family. (Please don’t tell my sister I said that.)