21-20 Reese 21-20

Adopted by:
Eileen and family

The Dynamic Duo, Reese and Ripkin, here to say HELLO. We have been together for two and half plus years…ever since Reese was just a pup. We are very close and Reese looks up to me for being her big brother who will always be here for her. We had a great life with our family. But, uncontrollable circumstances happened to our family, and the decision was made that it would be best for us if we went to live with another family. A very nice person from GRRIN came to pick us up and we went to our foster home. We really liked being there….the fosters took us for walks, we played with their
resident Goldens, we had this huge yard that we could run and play, and they were very patient in teaching us our basic commands.

Soon, we met this awesome family who had two kids that we had a blast playing with, AND they have a pool that Reese couldn’t resist investigating. They knew immediately we were the perfect Golden duo to join their family. Now, every day we are busy, busy, busy: we start by taking our human sister and brother to school; then we help mom with her gardening by taking the garden tools and hiding them and playing with the instruction sheet which somehow gets destroyed; then it’s time to go back to school to pick up our sister and brother and see all the other school kids. Plus, we always make time to practice our basic commands, remember our manners, and perfect our leash walking skills…even when it rains and we can play in the mud (fun, fun, fun)!

We know we are so fortunate to have two families, along with our GRRIN family, who really cared about our well-being and who will always totally love us. Much Golden puppy love….Reese and Ripkin