21-20 Reese 21-20

2 year-old Female

Reese is a beautiful dark red golden with fashionable crimped hair on her ears and a fiery personality to match. She is very active and likes to stay busy. Fetch is a favorite game and when she is not playing, she is happy just carrying her favorite ball around (blue preferred).

Her favorite place to be is either chasing another dog around or by your side, sometimes on your lap…we’re currently working on “off.”

She is crate trained and easily goes in and is comfortable there. She walks well with little pulling but prefers to walk with a companion dog.

Reese is an absolute sweetheart. She is very smart and trainable, but will require some support as she adjusts to her new environment.

Reese and Ripkin are both absolutely beautiful animals with perfect golden sweet personalities. As they have always lived together, our hope is to find them a forever home together. They get along fine with other dogs and people and have been exposed to a cat with no conflict. They do fine getting in the car and riding, but will try to get in the front seat.

Both dogs will require continued training and reinforcement to help make them the perfect family members that they deserve to be. Because they are young, energetic, and require training, they probably are best suited for an experienced dog owner.