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Update for Carly: She’s been adopted! Stay tuned for her “furever” story.

Looking at this picture one might ask what this dog is thinking. Is she asking to play fetch? She might be asking if you would be her friend. Of course, she also might simply be asking if you would sit down and give her some love. These are a few things that this beautiful dog is noted for wanting.

This eight-year-old golden retriever would like to tell you a little more about her life. There is much to tell.

HI! My name is Carly. My life has been sort of crazy. I lived as a farm dog with another golden retriever that was one of my puppies from a litter I had. She and I got along great. We lived outdoors and slept in a large doghouse. We ran and played all day outdoors. So, when I came into foster care, I really didn’t know what the inside of a house was or how to act in one. I soon learned that I really liked being inside during nasty weather. There is always fresh water to drink and tasty food to eat.

Since coming to GRRIN I’ve heard people say that I lack socialization and that I really need a bath. They said I didn’t know my basic commands. Basic commands? I had no idea what that was. I can tell you this, the first thing my foster mom did was to teach me some of these so-called commands.

I’ve learned to sit and come. I have even learned what a ball is and how to retrieve it. I’m still learning to walk on a leash in an appropriate manner. One night after everyone was asleep, my foster mom got up and caught me with a bag of Doritos. So, I’m learning that counter surfing is not okay. Foster mom is really proud of me because I’ve had no accidents in the house. She simply reminds me when it is time to go out.

The one thing that I have loved the most since being in foster care is all the love that I receive. My foster parents make sure they pet me. If they don’t pet me, I make sure to remind them to do so. I sleep in a cozy dog bed on the floor right beside my foster mom. If she gets up for something, I get up and follow her just to make sure she isn’t leaving me. I also get along with everyone, so this gets me even more love.

I just want the world to know that all I really want is a home where there is plenty of love. The family that adopts me must be willing to let me snuggle with them and stay by their side, because people are my top priority. Since I’m just learning what it means to be “good citizen,” my furever family will need to have patience with me as I learn my basic commands. Don’t worry, I am very smart and a quick learner.

So, If I sound like a good fit for your family, I promise I will do my best not to let you down. I will stay by your side in good times and in bad. I will shower you with love and make you laugh at the silly things that I do.