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Max has been adopted by his foster mom! We will post an adoption story soon.

Max is a 5-year-old goldendoodle. Actually, he’s just one big goofy teddy bear who loves everyone both big and small. He’s never shown any aggression toward anyone in any way. Well, sometimes he’ll steal a bone from another dog if he thinks he can get away with it.

Max knows how to sit and come. He walks on a leash like a pro. He goes to the door to be let out and has had no accidents since coming into GRRIN. Max does counter surf, but only because he’s so tall his head reaches the counter. He weighs 101 pounds, but no vet has addressed this as an issue.

Max loves other dogs. Oftentimes you will see him nestled up and sleeping by the foster’s resident dog. He was crate trained as a puppy but does not use a crate at this time. He sleeps all night long right by his foster mom’s bed.

Max is not really an excitable dog, and his energy level is considered to be calm. He does love his people and would do well as an only dog, but he would definitely love the company of another non-aggressive dog.

Max has been diagnosed as having epilepsy. While in foster care, he has not had any full-blown seizures. We do believe that he may have had a few small episodes, but none that required medical attention. His vet does say that Max will be on lifelong medications.

Overall, Max is a great dog who would make anyone a great companion. All he really wants is to be snuggled and loved.

Please note: We have received many applications from families interested in adopting a GRRIN dog. We have several approved families and others waiting to get approved. We appreciate your interest and patience, but cannot guarantee the availability of a particular foster dog.