21-32 Leo 21-32

Adopted by:
Joe & Mary Jo

My name is Leo. I made myself at home the minute that I set foot in my new home. I explored all the rooms in search of what I could run off with.  What fun I had! I am so happy! I have been told that I am smart. I know my basic commands, but I have trouble focusing on what my parents ask of me. I start class soon to learn how to do that. I hope it is fun!

I love going on daily walks. I walk on the leash well now. I spend as much time as I am allowed to be sitting on the deck and watching what is happening in the neighborhood.  My GRRIN brother, Rusty, is 13 years old!  I will lay with him sometimes, but he does not have my young energy.  He has helped teach me how to be a good Golden. I was not allowed on the bed at night, but I sure have learned how to sneak up there. I even get to stay up with Mom and Dad sometimes…I know that they love me!!

I want to thank all the GRRIN folks that helped me find such a warm and welcoming home!

Yours truly, Leo