22-02 Henry 22-02

Adopted by:
Jarred & Julie

HENRY HERE WITH HIS NEW FAMILY…..I have been on the move since I came into GRRIN, but I’m happy to say, that I have landed in my fur-ever home. My new family is exactly what I was hoping for: a great fur-brother, Doc, who loves to play with me, run around in the backyard, and play tug-of-war with our large assortment of toys. Doc is not afraid to let me know when he wants some quiet time for himself. There are two cats in my new family and they’re not really sure yet if they like me, but I’m sure they will come around soon. Best of all I have two human brothers and they are really fun to play with. Sometimes, I get impatient to play and I go and wake them up with slobbery licks.

Since my dad works from home, I’m not alone much and he will remind me to calm down and practice my manners and commands when needed. The best time is when we go for a walk or have “family night” all together. When I was on the move, I met some fabulous GRRIN volunteers: all of them thought I was an adorable, sweet, rambunctious Golden puppy who was looking for an active, loving, caring family who would continue training me so I would become a very well-mannered Golden. HAPPY TO SAY….I FOUND THAT FAMILY!