22-03 Auchie 22-03

1 year-old Male

Please note: We have approved families that may be a match for Auchie, so we do not guarantee his availability if you contact GRRIN about adoption.

This 15-month old beautiful English Cream Golden is very playful, inquisitive, active, quick learner, and a snuggler. He lived with dogs in his previous home, and his foster home has two dogs: a two-year old Golden which they play non-stop, and a senior Golden that he respects. He is currently working on learning his commands and practicing his leash walking skills so he will walk appropriately on a leash without pulling. He has started to bark at other dogs when initially meeting them, and we are working to stop this behavior.

His perfect home would be with an active family who has the time, patience, and dog experience to continue working to perfect his skills and, also, has a younger, friendly, active resident dog so Auchie would have a fur-buddy to bond and play with.