22-06 Copper 22-06

Adopted by:
Steve & Kirsten

My mom, Clover, and I (Copper), are just in AMAZEMENT we found our PERFECT FUR-EVER home. It is totally awesome! We have this HUGE backyard with lots of bushes, trees, and flowers that we sniff all around to see what type of critters have been there – it’s usually bunnies. And we have grandkids who get excited to come and visit and play with us. We do have a fur-cat sister…she is still deciding if she likes us. Sometimes mom/Clover does her “growl” noise thing, but everyone is getting used to it (you know how moms are).  But, what makes us the most happy and excited, is when it is time to take our daily walks and meet neighbors and other friendly fur-buddies….it is sooo much fun. All of this couldn’t have happened without all of the wonderful GRRIN volunteers who thought we were special and referred to us as “the Precious Duo.”  Butespecially to our foster mom, who made sure we were well taken care of, playful, happy, and exposed us to new experiences. We are looking forward to attending some GRRIN events so we can see everyone again.

-Copper and, oh yeah, mom (The Precious Duo)