22-10 Odin 22-10

Adopted by:
Joe & Mary Jo

Hi! I am Odin (GRRIN 22-10). I consider myself so lucky! My foster parents agreed to foster me at a very busy time in their lives, and I am so Happy they did! I won them over quickly and they adopted me. I now have a great brother, Leo (GRRIN 21-32) who my family adopted in January. I was not too sure about him when we first met, I didn’t think I was going to be able to stay, but after some introduction time, I calmed down and now we are best friends. Leo is only 4 months older than me, can you imagine two young boys in one house?! We have so much fun together. We like to wrestle each other and we like to share toys, bones and sticks. We sometimes get into mischief, but Leo usually starts it. Together we will learn to be good boys. I am still learning how to walk better on my leash and being friendly when I meet other dogs but it’s getting better and better with each outing. I know that my Mom and Dad love me lots. I like that their children, grandchildren and grand puppies all visit often. I love to play with all of them.  I want to thank all of the GRRIN volunteers who helped me get to my furever home.