22-11 Lambeau 22-11

Adopted by:
Justin & Stephanie

Lambeau has been adopted! Stay tuned for his “furever” story.

Here is Lambeau, a young, happy Golden with all the usual breed traits: energetic, playful, friendly, excellent around other dogs, and loves all humans, including children! He’ll do well in a home with or without other dogs but we think he’d definitely enjoy a canine companion. His interactions with other animals, including cats, is unknown. He’s a pretty big boy at over 90 pounds, however, he has a long body, tip to tail, and tall enough that his weight is not excessive. Even though he’s only two years old, he works hard to calm down when he meets new people. He knows a few basic commands, is house trained and sleeps through the night in his kennel. He also is kennel-trained when home alone. Lambeau’s leash skills are pretty good for a dog his age but he could benefit from additional training.

Lambeau has been diagnosed with seizures and is on daily medication which should be administered consistently per vet’s orders. However, while in foster care, he has not been observed to have seizures and has received prescribed medication on a regular basis.  We feel this condition is highly manageable given care and observation during foster care.

Lambeau can’t wait to meet his forever family!

Please note, we do not guarantee the availability of dogs in foster care. We frequently have a list of families already approved for adoption. We appreciate your patience as we share the wonderful stories (and cute pix!) of GRRIN’s foster dogs.