22-15 Suzie 22-15

Adopted by:
Jeff & LeeAnn

Suzie has been adopted! Thank you to everyone for your interest in this sweet girl. We will share more about her new adventures soon.

This is Suzie, a very special and incredibly sweet 6 year old Golden who is ready for her forever home. Suzie is a retired breeding dog but, despite her past, has learned very quickly what it’s like to live in a loving home with caring humans and playful resident dogs. She is extremely calm, responsive, affectionate, and has come to enjoy lots of petting and attention.  At the beginning of foster care, Suzie had to develop stamina and physical strength in her legs due to years of confinement. Now she’s doing great and is able to jump on the bed – if that’s allowed, of course! Her house training is also very reliable. Suzie is sometimes startled by noises she’s not accustomed to and she’s not a fan of storms with thunder. It’s definitely recommended Suzie have at least one canine companion in her next home in order to provide ongoing companionship and guidance on living her best life as a happy dog.

Please note, we do not guarantee the availability of dogs in foster care. We frequently have a list of families already approved for adoption. We appreciate your patience as we share the wonderful stories (and cute pix!) of GRRIN’s foster dogs.