22-16 Sadie 22-16

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Hi there!  My name is Sadie. I spent most of my life in a kennel having puppies.  That part of my life is over now, and I am on to better things! My new Mom is helping me adjust to a regular dog life. I enjoy learning how regular dogs live. Things are going quite well.  My foster brothers got me started on indoor/outdoor life. My favorite thing is playing fetch with a tennis ball. I love to run to get it as fast as I can. I also like toys that squeak; Mom must get the toy away from me before I get the squeaker out of it.

I like to play outside. The backyard is fun, but the dog park is even better! I have made lots of doggie friends there. I am still a bit nervous when a person that I don’t know comes near me, but it is getting easier as time goes along.

I do like quiet time. Mom and I snuggle together while she reads a good book. She calls me a four-legged book worm. I love my Mom!! She is teaching me so many new things. Life is quite the adventure now!

Thank you to my foster mom and fur brothers and GRRIN for getting me adjusted to my new lifestyle and helping me find my furever home!!