22-20 Buddy 22-20

Adopted by:
Chris & Erin

Hi! It’s me, Buddy! You may remember me as the beautiful two-year-old red Golden Retriever who has equal amounts of energy to burn and love to give. I am happy to tell you, I have been matched with the perfect family.

My family loves to take me on long walks, lets me play endlessly with my two-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever brother, Milo and other neighbor dog friends. I enjoy my daily routine of waking up in my human parent’s bed, checking out the smells of my large fenced back yard, and riding with my human brother and sister in the car to school. I even get to walk up to the school drop-off area to say “hello” to all the kids. I didn’t know a dog could get so much love and pets every day!  

Did I mention how smart I am? I know many commands, and my mom continues to teach me more. I have only been with my forever family for a few weeks, but they tell me there is so much more fun to be had. We have hikes planned, lake and swimming pool activities in the works for next summer, and a trip to Colorado to play in the mountain snow! 

My family continues to remind me of how lucky they are to have such a loving and kind dog, but I think I am lucky too. Thank you GRRIN for helping me find the perfect forever home!