22-21 Poppy (formerly Kinley Rose) 22-21

Adopted by:

Hi everyone! My name is Poppy (formerly known as Kinley Rose) and on March 22nd, 2023, my mom officially adopted me!

My mom was in a place called Albuquerque when she got the call about me. It was September 22nd (exactly six months before my adoption date) and she was flying home the next day. I had been surrendered to GRRIN because my previous mom and dad could no longer take care of me, and GRRIN knew my mom was looking for a very special pup like me. She had lost her best buddy, Max, in May so she was hoping another GRRIN dog would be available when she was ready.

Enter me…I am getting ready to celebrate my first birthday but, when I first got to my new home, I was six months old and, as my mom says, 90% sweetest girl, 10% crazy toddler. I still kind of am. I had to go to the doctor a few times before I could officially be adopted but now I’m happy and healthy! I’ve been to obedience classes, go to daycare sometimes, love people, other dogs, car rides, and eating ANYTHING (even dirt and sticks!). My mom loves me a lot and always says we’re so lucky we found each other. Thanks, GRRIN!