22-26 Lady (formerly Jess) 22-26

Adopted by:
Greg, Kelly and family

It’s true…Christmas wishes DO come true for good little girls…I found my wonderful, furever home AND, I got a new name:  LADY!…I like it! My day is so busy living in my new home with my three human brothers and one human sister. We play all the time. I really like to go outside and explore to see what I can find: sometimes I see a bunny. And, when it snows I like to roll around in the snow and see how many puppy angels I can make. My favorite thing to do is to go for loooong neighborhood walks and meet new neighbors and visit my fur-buddies. When I’m in the house, I’m always around and chasing my super four human siblings; and, I like to steal my sister’s small bouncy balls.

Since I’m still a puppy, I get tired from all of my activities, and I have to take several naps. My favorite place to take a nap is in my dad’s shoe…it is so comfortable and I feel so loved. All of this happened because of GRRIN volunteers: especially my FABULOUS foster mom and family…who helped me to become a confident and playful Golden.    You will always be my #1 GRRIN family. Many puppy paw hugs…LADY  (formerly puppy Jess).