22-27 Maggie (formerly Huntress) 22-27

Adopted by:
Mark and Deb

Hello from Maggie (renamed) and Taffy!

What a scary, yet wonderful journey we have been on! Little did we know that we would be taken on a long ride (never before had we been in a car), to our foster home with Danielle. We were frightened by everything but through her gentle, patient care, we learned what it was like to live in a house and feel safe and loved! Thank you foster mom! Our 8 months with you made our adjustment easier to be adopted into our fur-ever home!

We have been with our adoptive family (Mark & Deb) for 5 months now. It’s nice and quiet here, just the 4 of us hanging out unless family comes over. Then it gets a little scary but our mom reassures us that all is okay. Dad is gentle and kind too and gives us lots of love and back scratches. We have our beds in their room, a big living room window to watch the neighborhood, toys and bones to entertain us, and wonderful carpet throughout the house, except the kitchen. Mom fixed that with a runner so we wouldn’t slip & slide all over the floor. We have a BIG backyard and just last month Taffy and I started to play wrestle and chase each other all over the yard. Mom just stands back taking videos and pictures of us, I guess she thinks we are goofy. The best thing we get to do is walk every morning. Mom faithfully gets up every morning (even though she could sleep in), and takes us out early, sometimes while it’s still dark. We get our frozen treat and a bone with our special dog peanut butter in it when we get home. This is truly a treat we look forward to every day! We learned to do steps on the deck and steps in the house and that there are more rooms to explore than just the bedroom, kitchen and living room. Wherever our peeps are, that is where we want to be! Our food tastes so much better because mom puts homemade food with our kibble and boy do we look forward to eating! We were groomed for the first time a month ago. Mom was pretty nervous but we came home happy, feeling and looking so much better! Mom even took us for a pup cup at Scooters. We do hope she does that again!

Deb here, we have learned so much from these sweet “golden” girls. They have been fearful, and still are at times, but they are also so loving and we are being loving and patient with them.  They have come such a long way getting used to our routines and learning that they can trust us! We were wanting our next dogs trained to be therapy dogs but were told that because of their past they wouldn’t be able to. So, my husband said, “They will be our therapy dogs and we will be their therapy people”. And that is truly what has been happening. I believe we have been successful in creating a home where these golden girls know they are loved, know they are safe, and know they can be the dogs they were denied being as puppies! I wish I could attach more pictures but this one probably says it all that these are two happy and content golden girls!

Thank you to GRRIN for rescuing these golden girls so they can live out their lives with Mark & I!