22-27 Huntress 22-27

Adopted by:
Mark and Deb

Huntress and Taffy have been adopted! The lucky pair is with one wonderful family. We’ll post and adoption story soon.

Yes, you’re seeing double! GRRIN has fostered a record number of bonded pairs over the last two years. If you are able to give two dogs a home, please contact us for adoption information.

I’m Huntress, but many people call me “Mama.” I am 7 years old, about 60 pounds, and living a wonderful life since I came into foster care with GRRIN. My daughter, Taffy, and I hadn’t been around other people, in a house, or with other dogs (except to have puppies) before moving into the foster home. All the new sounds, smells and people were very frightening at first. But we got petted and loved and fed food in bowls with extra treats every day! Once we felt safe in the house and yard, we started going for walks. Who knew leashes could lead you on fun adventures!

Being petted and cuddled is my favorite thing. I will look into your eyes for a long time when you give me attention. I still react to noises more than Taffy since I am a protector. If a dog barks up the street, I let them know I’m here! I will bark and show my teeth at first to a new dog just to let them know I’m the mama and I have rules. Once they know what I will put up with, then we all get along fine.

Taffy might be a little braver at first and likes to play more than me, but we are very close. We behave well at home when our foster mom leaves (up to 4 hours), but we like it best if someone can be around during the day. Being the mama means I have responsibilities, but I love being a house dog with kind people around me.