22-29 Canelo 22-29

Adopted by:
Robert and Amber

Hello! My name is Canelo! My humans also call me by all sorts of names like Nelo and Nelly, but most recently they added fishy because I LOVE to be in the water. I love to swim and play keep away with my brother’s ball.

Up until a few months ago I only spoke Spanish, but I have since learned that words like “sit,” “come,” and “down” all mean yummy treats.

I joined a family of 2 fur brothers and 6 humans. Yes, SIX humans, which means I get pets and kisses all day long.

I spend my days playing with my fur brothers or chasing my kids in the backyard. I am one very loved boy. Not sure what my family would do without me (I’m the source of a lot of laughter around here). Anywho, that’s my story!