22-30 Addie 22-30

Adopted by:
Jon, Sue and Sammie

We can’t believe that we are so very lucky! We get to join our new family that included a sweet golden that needed “rescuing” herself. She had just lost her fur-brother, whom with she was very bonded. Within a short time, all 3 of us were playing and having fun! We are happy that she feels like she can be a part of the “in-crowd”.

We love to cuddle with our new mom and dad. Sometimes we must rush to the couch to get the good spot to be loved on first. The evenings are our quiet time with mom and dad. We can enjoy the relaxing time after wearing ourselves out playing in our big back yard. We even got to go to their kids’ house to play with their golden and their friends (and of course the grandkids).

Life is going to be wonderful now! Thanks to all our special GRRIN friends that helped us find our new family!