22-31 Willa 22-31

3 year-old Female
Hello! Another bonded pair of sweet Goldens is living the good life in a GRRIN foster home! Addie just turned 2 and Willa will turn 3 in March.
Both girls are VERY smart, easily trainable and well-mannered for their ages. They already know basic sit, stay, etc. Both walk well on leash after their initial excitement wears off.
Addie (on the left) still has a lot of puppy in her but has made really great progress working with her foster parents. She is all in for love and will become quickly attached to her new owner. She seems a bit partial to women so far. She is smaller sized; doe eyed and will charm you with her smile. She is ready to be a constant companion to a lucky adopter.
Willa (on the right) is a Great Pyrenees Golden Mix. She is a large dog, but yet does not come across as a large dog as she is light on her feet and not clumsy. She really got the best of both worlds. She is a gentle giant with a calming guardian presence who loves the outdoors. She is independent and laid back and loves to explore.

These girls will do well with any family that has the desire to include them in their activities. GRRIN is working to adopt them together (based on their photo, they clearly belong together!). If you think you might be able to provide the right home for Willa and Addie, please contact GRRIN at 402-330-6680 to learn more about them and start the adoption process.