23-01 Teddy (formerly Tucker) 23-01

Adopted by:
David, Noelia and family

Whew...very handsome Tucker here…for only being 8 months old, I have really been on the move trying to find my next fur-ever home. I am so happy to report that I found it. Not only did I find my new fur-ever home; but, I also got a new name…TEDDY (I think it fits me perfectly!). My new family recognized right away all of my wonderful traits:  smart, goofy, playful, and love to cuddle.

With my mom and dad, I also have a wonderful Collie/Bernese Mountain fur-sibling…Tonk…she is the best. Our days are full of activities: two daily neighborhood walks (rain, snow, shine) where we can do a lot of sniffing and explore new places, wrestling, running, playing. Sometimes we go for car rides which I really like. After all of these daily activities, I usually have to take a nap. I am so happy and thankful to the wonderful GRRIN volunteers who helped me find my fur-ever home. Especially, to my wonderful foster mom and family who gave me so much love and encouragement and training to be an exceptional Goldendoodle…so many pup hugs and kisses to all of you. I hope to see all of my GRRIN family soon….TEDDY