23-05 Jessi 23-05

Adopted by:
Scott and Geri

Little, sweet Jessi here and I want to share some fantastic news. My foster family thought I was just the cutest, sweetest little girl, so they adopted me. Some say that they failed fostering 101. From the very first day I came, my mom and dad made sure that I was comfortable and happy. I have this big back yard that I can run around in and play ball. And, when my dad has the hose on, I play keep away with the hose and try to grab, catch the water.

Every day we go for long walks around our neighborhood’s park path: I meet so many friendly people and other fur-buddies. Sometimes, if we are driving around the neighborhood, I get to stick my head out the window and let the wind brush against my face.

My first family also loved me very much. Because of so many family responsibilities, they knew I wasn’t getting all the attention they knew I deserved. They contacted GRRIN knowing they would find the perfect famiIy for me…and they did! Memories of my first family will always be in my heart. And now, I am enjoying making new memories and getting all the attention and love with my new new, wonderful family.

I say, I am a very lucky Golden!