23-08 Maverick 23-08

Adopted by:
Jon and Megan

In my wildest puppy dreams, I never thought that I, Maverick, could be so happy. I found my wonderful furever home; I have a new fur-brother and we run around in the back yard all the time; and, the best part…no crates! I also have a human brother and a little human sister that I play and cuddle with and give puppy kisses.

Every day we go for a walk around the neighborhood and I’m meeting many new fur buddies. My mom and dad are awesome. They think that I am just wonderful, so I’m doing my best to always be on my best behavior. (Though sometimes I may chew on something I’m not supposed to – but that’s okay, I’m still learning!)

I’ve decided my favorite spot in the house is the big bed I share with my humans. We snuggle every night. And my most favorite thing to do is run in the sprinklers outside! Sometimes I try and drink the water coming out of the hose too. Water is so fun!

I’m so glad that GRRIN and my foster dad and mom, along with my foster fur-sister, were so kind and patient with me. They taught me my manners, spent time with me, and let me be a very friendly, happy Golden Retriever. If it weren’t for them, I might have never found my wonderful fur-ever home.

I hope to see all of you again soon. Much puppy love and kisses…Maverick.