23-11 Willow 23-11

Adopted by:
Hello, Willow here with an update. I was adopted by my foster family in July. Everyone keeps talking about ‘foster fail’ but how can it be a fail when I got a furever home and my family got me?
I have two great older brothers who are also GRRIN dogs and I love them lots. I like to snuggle with them and show them how happy I am to be their little sister. Oso and I are really great together and we play lots. We even get zoomies together. Ceasar is kind of an old guy but he makes a good snuggle partner and is really patient when I show him how much I love him and he even tries to join in our play sessions sometimes. I have great neighbors who also have fur kids so there are lots of other playmates I can interact with. In case you can’t tell I like to play, a lot! Sometimes I even wake my new dad up when it is still dark out to play ball but he doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as I am when I do that.
We get daily walkies and I am learning how to be good on a leash and how to properly meet other people we see on the sidewalk. I have also learned some new things that get me treats which I really like. I am ready to learn some more if it means more treats.
Thanks for reading and maybe I will see you at a GRRIN event sometime.