23-12 Emma 23-12

Adopted by:
Thomas & Ann

Emma came to live at our house a week before her first birthday. She was excited to meet her dog sisters Lucy (12y) and Maggie (2y). They met in the yard and had a great play! After a little get to know you time, inside for a look around was lots of fun!

After the first night, where she was a little nervous, Emma settled in beautifully. She liked being called Emmy and soon discovered that there were so many toys in her new house that she could play with! She also loves hanging out in the back yard with her sisters and going for walks and runs with her humans Tom, Ann, and Katie! She even got to go to the store to pick out a tag and a new toy!

On her first birthday her adoption was officially completed and she acts like she has always been part of the family! She knows sit, shake, come, lay down, and has learned the rules of being a puppy in our house quickly! Outside of a love for shredding paper when she is bored, she is perfectly behaved! Once she had her first haircut and nail trim she was feeling her best self!

Emmy found her forever home through GRRIN and we found the dog that makes our crew complete!