23-13 Loki (now Alphie) 23-13

Adopted by:
Joel & Rachael

So many changes….I don’t know where to begin.  First, me and my very best friend, Lotus, are running around in circles in our new beautiful yard celebrating our adoption. Second, I (LOKI) was renamed ALPHIE; and (LOTUS) was renamed BERNIE. We like our new names and responded to them right away.

Our mom and dad are awesome: they were so excited to adopt both of us. We go for walks every day, love the car rides to get pup cups, we can sleep in their bed, and we can go outside anytime and run around in our big backyard. There are a lot of flowers in the yard and we try to be careful not to run over them; but, sometimes it just happens when we get the zoomies.

I love to roll over and get my belly pets. Mom brushes me every day and it’s my favorite time. And I’m learning all about how to leave the birds and squirrels alone. I am now confident with loud noises and thunder… and fireworks as long as I know my parents are near. I can’t believe I was ever scared of them. Silly me!  I even like to play outside in the rain!

Mom makes this wonderful banana bread, but she has to be careful not to leave it on the counter when it comes out of the oven…Bernie and I can’t resist freshly baked warm banana bread! I am so thankful for GRRIN; especially, to my foster parents and family. They made sure I was well taken care of, groomed, practice my leash walking skills and commands, and become more confident and less anxious. I will remember all of you, and GRRIN will always be my family.    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, soon.