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Update on Scout: Scout will require surgery for elbow dysplasia. The surgery will take place before the end of the year and Scout will need 6-8 weeks for recovery. Scout will then be adopted by his foster family!

Meet Scout. Scout is a brand new one-year old (birthday October 29th) neutered, sweet boy. He was surrendered because his parents were going through a divorce and could not take both he and an older resident dog, to a small apartment.

Scout is loyal, smart, silly and incredibly loveable. If he could, he would become a bona fide lap dog.  Scout’s shown his personality to be on the lighter side of energy, though he still has the puppy bursts of “oh boy, PLAY!” He has enjoyed some walks with his foster family and, while he does pull some, his walking manners will improve with your kind teaching skills. He gets excited when new people come to the door and wants to jump on them in greeting, but he settles quickly once the novelty has worn off. He is sensitive to new sounds, but he doesn’t bark much. He knows a few commands, but we’re working on more.

Scout has had a slight, persistent limp in his front left leg which has been evaluated, with results indefinite as of this writing. While the vet does not think this is likely to be a life-long issue, he will be monitored and possibly further evaluated by a specialized orthopedic veterinarian. In the meantime, he is recovering from his recent neuter surgery and is exploring all the new things in his life.

The ideal family for Scout would be one that is on the calmer side due to the unknown with his leg. Older children rather than younger, would be more ideal with Scout as he views everyone and everything as his playmates without realizing his size. Scout is happy around other dogs but can feed off their active energy, so a calmer, older dog or him being the “only” would be ideal. He is currently in a home with cats and, while curious, he has no desire to hunt or hurt them (in fact, he might be a little afraid of them).