23-23 Scout 23-23

Adopted by:

Hello from Scout! Wow! So much has happened since I got to GRRIN. I got newturd?… newterd?… well whatever, fixed, yeah, that’s it! right away and then I went to a new house where it was a little more my speed. After that, I had to go to a special doctor because my elbow really, really hurt and I limped a lot. The doctors decided that I had a genetic problem called ‘elbow dysplasia.’ Luckily, GRRIN said they would get it fixed for me, so I had an operation and have been recovering since Christmas. I couldn’t run and play outside in all the snow because, well I had to get my elbow all better.

So I have been doing inside things like learning manners and a few tricks. I get to play with lots of puzzles and search all over the living room for snacks and dinners. When my mom says “Find it!” I get sooooo excited now because I know there is going to be fun stuff to eat. I get all kinds of things to chew on too, but my favorite thing to chew on is whatever my furry sister, Hanna has.

My foster mom started giving me the funny eye and told me she just couldn’t let me go anywhere, so she adopted me and now I have her and my fun big sister, Hanna to play with forever! I am soooo happy! Hanna takes such good care of me, she’s so patient and she loves to play with me. We went on lots of walks before my elbow surgery and the doctor said we can start doing those again adding a little more distance each day, so we’re going to have lots of walks and play dates with Hanna’s friends that are all my friends now, too!

We are all so grateful that GRRIN took care of all my medical needs, and we also thank the first family that helped me transition from my old house and into GRRIN. You are all pawsome! We’ll be seeing you around!