23-25 Buttercup (now Kenedy) 23-25

Adopted by:
Charlie and Michele

HI ALL from Texas Kenedy here. I arrived at my forever home after 3 previous stops in a matter of weeks.

I am an English cream (European cream) Golden Retriever. I was #23-25 and had a different name before.

I was confused and had separation anxiety. We have found out that I dislike crates immensely .

I proved that I am just fine with the roam of the home. And I am housebroken. No problem there.

Besides Chewie has taught me a lot about my new home. See my picture. That is Chewie and I waiting for a Chewie.com box.

I am also learning how to play with stuffed toys, and we are starting to play “fetch.

When I need to communicate with Michele, I have a low grumble sound that she has figured out what I need. Sometimes it is like a purr, sometimes it gets loud because I am impatient.

Charlie walks with me, Michele plays with me and is teaching me new commands (I hear we are going to start an Obedience class in May.) And of course, Chewie the 13 yr. old teenage dog is my companion and teaches me the schedules and rules. Like if you take a toy outside you need to bring it back in with you.

They say it takes 3 days to settle; 3 weeks to get comfortable and 3 months for a dog to realize they are HOME. I have gone through all of that, so I have decided to keep my forever home buddies.

Thank you to GRRIN for all the effort you made to bring me to NE…GO BIG RED!