23-29 Netta 23-29

Adopted by:
Chad and Sara

There was never any doubt that me and my life-long fur-sibling Ellie would find our perfect furever home and family. It didn’t take long and we couldn’t have found a better home and family… they are the best. We have a human sister and brother who always like to play with us; sometimes, we even sleep in their beds when we want to.  And, we have a cat sibling…she is very curious about us, but I think she is starting to accept us. I have really been serious about getting in “tip-top shape” so I can be outside in my big yard playing ball for a long time with my human siblings and their friends…I LOVE PLAYING BALL!

I am so happy we met GRRIN and our fosters. My foster dad was very dedicated in taking me for daily walks to help me get in shape so I would look good and healthy for my new family.  We will be so ever thankful to GRRIN and our fosters and we look forward to seeing all of you again.