24-01 Willy 24-01

Adopted by:
Josh and Maren

Willy has been living his best adopted life for a few weeks now! He loves to play with his new sister, Winnie. They have become the best of friends. Willy spends a lot of time outside watching for squirrels and bunnies, as well as chewing any sticks he can find! He also loves to snuggle with his new parents, Maren and Josh. They think he is a very smart dog! He has learned some new tricks and will do anything for a treat. The funniest thing about Willy right now is how he eagerly runs towards the ice machine when he hears its sound; he loves chewing on ice cubes. GRRIN is so happy Willy found his furever family and we want to give a huge thank you to Maren and Josh for loving him!