24-05 Strauss (now Scout) 24-05

Adopted by:
Rob and Renee

After having multiple Goldens in our house for years, we thought we had become a one dog house when we lost Trooper in 2023. Turns out, one Golden can’t produce enough hair or love to fill our family’s needs and our 8-year-old Bentley still wanted a doggie playmate.

When we met Strauss at the Bookworm, we knew he was the perfect brother for Bentley. We needed to make one small change. Strauss became Scout.

Scout and Bentley tug on toys constantly, race each other for tennis balls across the yard, and swap chew bones anytime one of them drops one. The only time Bentley taps out is when the puppy zoomies begin. The whole family simply watches in awe as every level of the house becomes Scout’s parkour playground.

We couldn’t be happier with Scout and the entire GRRIN team that helped us find him. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Gold Rush.