24-09 Nola 24-09

Adopted by:
Melissa and Sam

Like my lifelong companion Holly said, things can change very quickly. One day I’m living on an acreage, and the next we were living in a cool house with a BIG backyard and people who are showering us with pets and hugs. I loved all the new attention, but I was in for some changes.

It took us some time to get used to being inside dogs, but since I was a “velcro dog” I was content sticking close to the humans. I didn’t like it when they left us alone, so I treated myself to a remote, a hat and some sunglasses off the dresser (even though Holly told me not to). My foster parents also found out how good I am at counter surfing after I snagged myself a 10 oz filet! They were very patient with me though and understood that this was a brand-new world for me.

I am very much a people pleaser and picked up my commands very quickly. I am really treat-motivated but am also happy just to get a GOOD GIRL and a belly rub! I love showing everyone how fast I can run and gallop in the back yard. I try my hardest to catch squirrels, but I haven’t been successful yet. I love bones but am not very interested in toys yet. Occasionally I will play with one of Holly’s toys, but that’s only if I’m being a stinker! Holly usually tells (barks at) our mom and then I have to give it back.

Even though I’m ornery sometimes, I love my sissie Holly and I’m so lucky she watches out for me. I LOVE car rides and I follow my mom down the stairs EVERY time she leaves the house. Sometimes she tells me I have to go back upstairs, and I can’t figure out why I can’t go every time! My foster parents introduced us to pup cups and now I think that every place we go should have them.

One day they asked Holly and I if we wanted to stay with them furever and we said YES! I’m so happy I get to stay with Holly, and we are now a family of four. My previous life was good on the acreage, but the family wanted us to be in a more active home. The volunteers at GRRIN were fantastic and determined to place Holly and I in the perfect foster home that would be committed to teaching us all about being good Golden Girls (what mom and dad call us). I think I’m just about there. I’m looking forward to attending upcoming GRRIN events and meeting all of you!