24-10 Jameson (now Maxx!) 24-10

Adopted by:
Ellen & Aaron

Hi everyone, Maxx here, formerly known as Jameson. My parents gave me a new name from a football player they like and I caught on quick! I’m settling into my new family just like I always belonged there. I have a new brother who is a cat that I am determined to be best friends with and have learned not to steal his toys. I even offer him my own! I’m a bit of a velcro dog and love being by mom and dad at all times. Wherever they are, you’ll find me spread out on the floor beside them. My favorite things are my morning & afternoon walks, playing ball in my huge back yard, showing off my toys to get pets (this one gets them every time), and watching sports with Dad-so far I love watching golf.

Mom says this summer her and I get to work on making more dog friends and learning more manners. Our trainer says I’m REALLY smart so I’ll catch on fast!

Thanks GRRIN for giving me my new furever – my parents say I’m stuck with them for good which seems like a great thing to me.

Love, Maxx