24-13 Max 24-13

Adopted by:
Jim and Kim

Max (and his brother Jack), are 4-5 yo light colored goldens who came into the GRRIN system in May.

They were (and still are) an energetic pair of dogs…often left to their own devices. At times, this could even mean going on unauthorized “cruises” of the neighborhood after creatively finding (okay, digging) a hole under the backyard fence.

A decision was made to separate these rascals upon foster, and that was absolutely the right decision. They did meet again 3 weeks later at a GRRIN outing, and while they politely said hello, they didn’t have any real desire to spend much time together.

Max joined an incredible Foster family (well known heroes within the GRRIN world) and quickly assimilated to his new home. The resident dog (Hank, a 5 yo chocolate lab) immediately began to show Max the ropes….specifically, how it was actually much cooler to mark outside than inside, and all importantly, how to chase a raccoon up a tree.

Max was neutered his first week in foster, and handled the surgery, and resulting, cone like a true champion.

Max gets to go to work at the Foster’s business each day (with new brother Hank of course) and most weekends, gets to hang out with 8- and 4-year old grandkids.

To say “Max is loving life” does not do justice to this wonderful age old mantra.