Marco (formerly Mark) & Marley 14-18 & 14-19


Mark and Marley are happily settling into their new home with their new sister Roxie who adores them. A few changes happened right off the bat.  Mark received a name upgrade and now goes by “Marco Polo” for his adventurous attitude, and not to be left behind, Marley picked up the middle name “Andme” for his movie star namesake. Although he looks like a movie star, he acts nothing like the dog in the movie! The boys are adapting to the rhythm of a homeschooling family with four kids; it’s full of attention and activity, just what they love and need. They are working out the rules, like . . . you can’t be on the couch when the family is home, but when they are gone, you only need to be off the couch by the time they open the door. Hmmm. It’s OK to sleep on the oldest son’s bed, but in Mom & Dad’s room you sleep on the huge pillows, well, unless it’s in the middle of the day and no one is sleeping there. Also, their favorite rule, good things come to those who sit, especially treats! We admit, we never thought we would own even one boy dog, and now we have two. We thought we were going to be a one dog family for the time being and now we are three dog family for the first time. We are learning however, life takes some pretty funny turns sometimes and never ends up exactly how you expected it to go . . .thankfully!  We can’t imagine our lives without our new boys. They fill a hole in our family we didn’t even recognize we had. What a perfect Christmas!

14-18 & 14-19 Mark & Marley Collage