In Loving Memory of Lila 99-28


In Loving Memory of Lila 99-28

In September 1999, we welcomed Lila into our lives after she was nursed back to health through the Golden Retriever Rescue program. She was left at an abandoned house when her owner moved away and left Lila and several other animals with the house. Lila was the dog GRRIN matched us with when we contacted them interested in adopting our first dog since we married.

At the time Lila was around 2 years of age and had plenty of puppy left in her. Her counter-thief habits became legendary, and rewarded her with cookies, pudding, and even a bag of flour. In her younger years, she enjoyed sneaking a nap on the couch while we were away. Lila was the best dog we could have imagined. Always patient, she welcomed our two children into the world with gentleness and love.

Lila was always ready to go for a walk at a moment’s notice. She also preferred to relocate items instead of retrieving them. Lila had a full life with us. Within the last year and a half arthritis began to slow her down and she was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur.

On February 26th, Lila wasn’t feeling well and we took her to the vet. The vet took some x-rays and noticed a large spleenic tumor, which was not visible in x-rays 5 weeks earlier. We knew our time with her was limited, but didn’t realize how much so. Lila returned home with us at 6:30 and passed away peacefully and quickly that same evening at 9:00. Our hearts will always know Lila, and we are blessed that she spent 10 years, and most importantly her final hours with us at home. We are thankful to American Animal Hospital and Dr. Dave Kroeger for the wonderful care and concern he showed for Lila over the past several years. Lila will be

forever missed, but will always remain in our hearts.

99-28 Lila