In Memory of CJ 07-21


In Memory of CJ (07-21)

We got CJ in Aug, 1995. He was 4 mos old. He was part of a litter brought to my children’s summer camp to be given away. My daughter wanted CJ’s sister, but she was already gone. That was ok, because CJ was my favorite of the litter.

CJ was smart. Sometimes too smart for his own good. It didn’t take long for CJ & I to develop our own way of communicating. My family teased me that CJ didn’t really understand, but I knew and eventually the rest of the family agreed that CJ did understand. CJ became a part of our family like a brand new baby. He became spoiled like a baby, too. The kids would feed him food (mostly vegetables) from the table. Dad would fry up fat trimmed from steaks. And, mom gave him plates to lick.

CJ loved to play w/ his balls or rope toys. He also loved to have his head and his belly rubbed. If he didn’t feel like he was getting enough attention he would let you know. CJ loved the snow. He loved to eat it and play in it, especially while it was coming down. CJ hurt his back when he was about 8 or 9 years old. This resulted in a weakness in his back right leg. This didn’t stop him, though. He would run and jump and try to climb trees. He was determined to catch one of the many squirrels and birds he saw.

In April, 2007 we had to give CJ away due to medical problems w/ my husband. That was very difficult. It was like giving away a child. Fortunately, we were able to give him to GRRIN. We were assured that he was in good hands. And, we knew he was. CJ was 12 when he was surrendered. Unfortunately, most seniors aren’t very adoptable. CJ was an only dog at home, and he thought it was his job at his foster home to guard the bucket of toys. He soon found out that was not the case. CJ had 2 foster moms. The first one had to move out of state and couldn’t take CJ w/ her. So, he got a new mom. CJ got along w/ her dog, but didn’t like strange dogs. This meant he wasn’t able to go to a lot of the GRRIN events.

CJ lived w/ his 2nd mom until he died. On Oct 27, 2007, at the young age of 14, CJ became weak and unable to move. CJ’s foster mom and the vet decided it was CJ’s time to go. CJ’s dad passed away in Sept, and now he has his ol’ buddy up there to keep him company. Some people question whether dogs go to Heaven or not. I believe they do, because a dog loves and forgives unconditionally. I know some day I’ll get to see my CJ bud again! I would like to thank GRRIN and especially the families who took CJ in and cared for him. I am so grateful that he had somebody to love him up until the end. 07-21cjmemorial1183.JPG