In Memory of Daizee and Gino Henderson

By Kellie Henderson Ramirez

Daizee first came into my life when I was just a teenager. I remember how I devoted all my attention to her (much to the chagrin of my cat, Whisper). She was a good puppy and grew to be a great dog. She loved to aggravate Rocket and hang on his neck and jowls. He tolerated it nicely and was a great “uncle” to her. Daizee’s funniest characteristic was the curl she’d get in her lip, kind of like Elvis, when she got over-excited, usually when one of the family came home. When she gave birth to seven adorable puppies, she changed a lot and became a much more unique doggie. It was the only litter she ever had the chance to birth, but she certainly was a great mother. Daizee’s son Gino, who we kept, was originally not supposed to stay with us. Somehow, though, no one really claimed him, and eventually we stopped looking for a new family and he became part of ours.

Gino was my man. He was the most lovable, handsome dog I’ve ever seen or known. And I don’t say that only as his “mother.” He truly had a soul. He loved to follow me around the house, whatever I was doing, and although it could be annoying at times, I look back and really miss that. They were two of the best dogs out there, wonderful Golden Retrievers, and I miss them. I hope one day to have another Golden and hopefully relive some of the joy I shared with Daizee and Gino.

(Gino died on 5 October 2006, prematurely of a brain tumor, and Daizee passed away on 16 October 2007 from old age and the complications of arthritis.)