In Memory of Jesse and Ginger


In Memory of Jesse and Ginger

“Just a Dog” by Lisa J. Guill 1/7/10 Some will say it was just a dog, it was just a family pet Others might even wonder why, for the grief they just don’t get I feel sorry for those that don’t understand the love of a best friend, One that is trusting, devoted, and kind, one that depends on you til the end. As a child it was Mitzi on the farm, then Casey when first on my own, But Dad found a special one, I named Zach, to be with me living alone. After Zach’s death, I rescued Jesse and Ginger, and they rescued me Little did I know how special those two beautiful Goldens would be Jesse had been abandoned, left to starve, to die out in the cold And the only person Ginger had known gave her up after she was 6 years old.

They were unsure at first, not knowing what their new life would bring But slowly they learned to trust and quickly Jesse became the King, Ginger was the little princess, with lots of energy and spunk and if you did not cover the trash cans she loved to play in the junk. They grew together, quickly became best friends and claimed their space

Before too long it was Ginger that asserted herself as the ruler of the place She decided when it was time for a treat, when it was time to go out then Jesse would watch her, take her lead, and follow her about The walks in the neighborhood side by side was a part of their daily routine. They strutted and pranced with elegance and grace hoping to be seen. Those passing by would smile and take a another glance at the two special Goldens that got a second chance Ginger broke her leg, and bone cancer was the probable reason so she lost her life unexpectedly in the prime of her fall season. Before she left, she wagged her tail and gave me a kiss on the cheek as if to say it’s ok, and thank you for giving me all the love I did seek.

Jesse missed her terribly and was quiet but stayed proud then not too long after Ginger’s death another dark cloud. Jesse was getting weak and they found a tumor on his heart I have to wonder if his missing Ginger played a sad, lonely part. Jesse had several good weeks and even took some short walks but eventually he got so weak that we resorted to good talks. I think he wanted to find Ginger but yet also wanted to stay so in the end we let him go and prayed he would find his way.

So to those that say their just a dog or just a family pet don’t judge something you obviously don’t understand and never will get. You will never know the love from a dog that is devoted til the very end, one that will give you more back than you ever gave to them.