In Memory of Nell 10-14, adopted by Kevin and Dora

It is with deep sadness and a very broken heart that we are letting you know our Nelly (GRRIN # 10-14) has left earth to become a new member in Heaven.

Nelly was set free of her arthritis pain and her seizures.  Unfortunately, her seizures occurred more frequently over the last several months and took longer for her to recover each time. She would be happy and joyful one day and then completely devastated by a seizure the next several days. During her last seizure, she was barely able to stand or walk and lost interest doing her favorite things (Going for short walks, playing with her toys).

Nelly was truly a gift and was very spoiled and loved. She was always waiting for us when we arrived home and almost always had a tennis ball in her mouth waiting to play. She loved to go for walks and loved to be around people. Whenever a picture was taken, she was in it and whenever a meal was eaten, she always right there to supervise. She had a dog bed in virtually every room and always had lots of toys and tennis balls scattered throughout the house. She was a true Queen and she was treated just like one, 24/7.

Nelly was five months away from her 16th birthday.  She was our first GRRIN adoption and was the most strong, loving, and resilient member of our Family.  She taught us so much and gave us so much and will always be remembered for the love she gave. She is dearly missed and our house will never be the same.