In Memory of Raleigh 08-31 Foster

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In Memory of Raleigh (08-31)

Raleigh came to our home in 2008 as a foster dog. He was 12 years old and lived with us for 14 months. He was so easy-going and entertaining. He had many of the typical Golden characteristics, but Raleigh’s particular mix made him unique. Raleigh loved playing with his toys with remarkable zeal. He especially liked his tennis ball.

As the months passed, he became more Golden and less Retriever. Fetch became catch. He played just as hard, but it was easier on his joints. He won First Prize, Senior Dog, at a 2008 Halloween Costume Party at Kenl-Inn. What a load of wonderful prizes! At a dog show in Lincoln, he decided to lie down on the platform — and stay there! Usually agreeable, he wouldn’t budge! The crowd had a good laugh. Typical Raleigh. He was a friend to anyone who would pet him. He’d lie down once the petting was underway. I laughed at his odd mix of playtime and naptime enthusiasms.

Raleigh’s zest for life was top-notch! He was a happy, sweet dog with a lovable and friendly spirit. Raleigh suffered acutely from arthritis, and he slipped and stumbled. He licked hot spots, his vision was poor, he slobbered, he snored loudly and his body slowed him down. He didn’t mind! You would not know his age by his attitude and his effort! Unlike any other morning, he awoke and his hind legs betrayed his desires. Our gracious veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Hiebner, came to our home to help Raleigh make his trip on the Rainbow Bridge. It was August 2009, and he was 2 months shy of 14 years old. Judy R., a fellow GRRIN volunteer, shared these words with me: Raleigh was the epitome of a Golden, playful, gentle, trusting…We can all take a lesson. He didn’t let age keep him from enjoying life!

Susie, Patricia and the cats, Rocky and Charlie