In memory of Abby 12-29

When Abby first walked up the ramp into our home, we thought, “Oh, my!” She appeared to have significant arthritis and much difficulty walking.  But we also thought, “She has such a sweet face!”

Abby was 14 years old when she arrived, and had been returned to GRRIN three times, through no fault of her own.

The first night, we thought we’d let her sleep anywhere she wanted — she’d be exhausted. I was not yet under the covers when I heard a high-pitched “YIP!” — and the sound of her hobbling down the hallway. That was the beginning of a loving, but all too short, friendship. We came to know this high-pitched “YIP” as her plaintive question:  “Where ARE you???”

Abby quickly became comfortable in our home and bonded with us after a short period of time.  She particularly bonded with Jacque, and would follow her everywhere — either with her eyes, or physically (as far as she was able).

We noticed that she didn’t give kisses — and also did not wag her tail, which was a sad thing to see…a Golden Retriever not wagging her tail!!?? Every dog deserves those tail-wagging, wiggle-butt moments. We kissed and hugged her often, gave face-rubs, and brushed her beautiful red coat.

Abby needed some help going outside and getting up to eat. Sometimes her hind legs gave out and Boom! She’d be down. She appreciated us helping her up, and the acupuncture we had performed on her also helped for a time. The first time she walked to the end of our dog yard, we cheered!

Did we spoil her? You bet! Was she loved and comfortable in her last months? We tried our best. Abby always tried hard, despite her pain and multiple limitations. Her spirit was willing, but her body had had enough. As a friend wrote to us, “You gave her several happy months at the end of her life, and then spoke for her when she couldn’t speak for herself to ask for respite from the pain.” Abby was a large presence — and her absence is equally profound. We miss her.

Jacque and Jane