In Memory of Buddy

In fall of 2006, I asked for the impossible. I asked for GRRIN to find me the perfect dog. One who was mellow, good with kids and cats, didn’t chew, didn’t dig, didn’t bark incessantly, was house trained, and on and on. And you found him. At the time, he was named Robbie. We renamed him Buddy. He was 2.5 years old. He was fostered by Julie. We hoped to get him by our son’s 11th birthday, and we did. Buddy was the perfect dog in every sense we could think of. We adored him, as did our cats. Many nights were spent with him sleeping in my son’s room, but he preferred to be able to check on everyone throughout the night, and slept in the hallway between the bedrooms, so he could be near us all. He moved with us twice during his time with us.

He will be most remembered for always carrying something in his mouth, in true Golden form. Usually it was someone’s shoe. He never once damaged any shoes, but we did often have to go looking for them. Whenever the boys could not find their shoes, I always told them to go ask Buddy. When people came to visit, we let them know that they were welcome to remove their shoes, but that Buddy may carry them around during their visit. Everyone who met him loved him.

His health was perfect until last Thanksgiving when things began to take a turn.  He let us know he was ready when he stopped eating, and we could no longer keep him comfortable. He was loving even until the end. We miss him terribly, and thank GRRIN for giving us the perfect, once in a lifetime dog.

Sarah B.